Our Mission

At Newman’s Insurance our mission is to prevent and protect every individual from financial hardships. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with market specific products while our entire staff works very hard to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and bring them a home and family like atmosphere. You can always expect us to provide the type of service that builds life-long relationships. We are always looking for many new ways to exceed your needs and expectations every day. Newman’s is here to help our clients get their lives back in order again as quick as possible! We respect all people, value the differences among each individual, and deal with them in a way that we ourselves would want to be dealt with. Our approach to every client is to directly analyze each and everyone’s complete insurance needs, design a responsible and protective insurance plan to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our company has been completed with professional – family like care since 1987 and has been selling in the community since 1966. We are always looking forward to serving you so please take the time to call or e-mail us! Thank you very much!